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In the early 1860s, Osbourne House was built to accommodate travellers in the area. The establishment was later named Osbourne Hotel and after more than a century of withstanding the elements, is now known as the Full Moon Hotel. 

Paying tribute to its colourful history, the newly renovated Full Moon Hotel retains much of its original character, including the local’s favourite Osbourne Sports Bar – which is where Osbourne House first stood. 

Now thousands of visitors come to Sandgate and the Full Moon Hotel every year to experience the wonder of Bramble Bay. 

The Publicans

Hiram & Mrs Wakefield - 1866 to 1870

In December 1866, Mrs H Wakefield announced she has opened the newly erected Osbourne House in Sandgate.

In February 1867, Hiram Wakefield gave notice of intention to apply for Publicans License, which was then granted later that month at the licensing meeting before the Police Magistrate (The Osbourne House).

Hiram Wakefield held license from Feb 1867 to Nov 1869

In May 1868, Hiram Wakefield gave notice of intention to apply for renewal of license, which was then granted later that month (Osbourne House Hotel).

Later than year in Dec 1868, Osbourne House Sandgate was listed for Auction. Believed to be sold to R J Hall in late 1869/70.

In June 1869, Hiram Wakefield gave notice of intention to apply for renewal license once again (Osbourne House Hotel). However, the license was then transferred from Hiram Wakefield to R J Hall in November 1869. 

Robert James Hall - 1870

R J Hall held license from Nov 1869 to Apr 1871

In January 1870, R J Hall (proprietor) places an advertisement for Osbourne House Family Hotel.

Later that year in April 1870, Robert James Hall gives notice of intention to apply for renewal of license, which was granted later that month.

W F Shepherd - 1870 to 1874

In December 1870, W F Shepherd announces he has acquired the Osbourne Family Hotel from Mr Hall. The hotel has gone through a repair.

In March 1871, W F Shepherd gives notices that he wishes to apply for a Country Publican’s License at the next Annual Licensing Meeting in April. No record of if this was granted, however assumed it was.

W F Shepherd held license from Apr 1871 to Apr 1872

In March 1872, Annie Rose, who resides in Sandgate, gives notices that she wishes to apply for a Country Publican’s License at the next Annual Licensing Meeting. Which was later granted in April 1872.

Annie Rose held license from Apr 1872 to Oct 1874

In Oct 1874, a transfer of license was granted from Annie Rose to J A Phillips.

J A Phillips - 1874 to 1878

J A Phillips held license from Oct 1874 to Mar 1875

In November 1874, J A Phillips announces he has purchased the Osbourne Hotel, Sandgate. Which has been refurbished and redecorated. He has also secured the lease for the 2 new brick cottages adjoining the hotel.

During his ownership, J A Phillips sends his daughter Hannah Maclurcan to manage the Osbourne Hotel at 15 years old.

In March to April 1875, The Osbourne Hotel is advertised for lease, and a transfer of license was granted from J A Phillips to William Farrow.

William Farrow held license from Mar 1875 to Mar 1876

Through September to November 1875, The Osbourne Hotel is placed for sale by public auction by J A Phillips.

In March 1876, a transfer of license from William Farrow to John Waterloo Bull was granted.

John Waterloo Bull held license from Mar 1876 to Feb 1878

Again in December 1877, the lease, license and goodwill of the Osbourne Hotel Sandgate, listed for sale by J A Phillips.

Then in Feb 1878, a transfer of license was granted from J W Bull to Ralph Rhodes.

Ralph Rhodes - 1878 to 1880

Ralph Rhodes held license from Feb 1878 to Aug 1879

In March 1878, Ralph Rhodes announces he has taken the Osbourne Hotel.

However, in April 1879, the hotel is listed for sale (owing to the illness of present occupant), lease, license and goodwill for that first-class Family Hotel, known as Osbourne Hotel Sandgate. Apply to Brabant & Co. Renewal of license granted to Ralph Rhodes later that month.

Later that year in July 1879, William Phillips gives his intention to apply for a publican’s license at the Osbourne Hotel. Also places an advertisement stating he is now proprietor, and the hotel has changed hands and undergone repair.

Then in August 1879, a transfer of license was granted from Ralph Rhodes to William Phillips.

William Phillips held license from Aug 1879 to Oct 1880.

Louis Drouyn - 1880 to 1892

Oct 1880 – L Drouyn placed an advertisement for the Osbourne Hotel.

This same month Louis Drouyn is granted a license transfer from William Phillips.

Louis Drouyn held license from Oct 1880 to Jul 1891

In November 1881, John Hall, Architect, places an advertisement for tenders for extensions to the Osbourne Hotel.

Throughout Drouyn’s ownership and license, he held many events which were advertised in the newspaper, such as in May 1882, a company numbering nearly 400 ladies and gentlemen sat down to luncheon, provided by Mr Drouyn, of the Osbourne Hotel, in a large marquee erected near Picnic Point. This was in celebration of the Sandgate Railway opening.

In February 1883, Drouyn also held a complimentary banquet in the large room at the Osbourne Hotel.

In this time, Drouyn also obtained a billiard’s license, where he advertised a ‘Large and First Class Billiard Table’ and held billiard’s tournaments. Drouyn also allowed Willoughby Andrew, Auctioneer, to hold fortnightly sales in his yards at the Osbourne Hotel.

In July 1891, a transfer of license from Louis Drouyn to Edward Joseph Stone was granted. Then later that month, the Osbourne Hotel is advertised as for sale by public auction.

Edward Joseph Stone held license from Jul 1891 to May 1892

During November and December 1891, the Osbourne Hotel Sandgate, now doing a very profitable trade, is still listed for sale. The freehold, furniture and license.

William H Robertson - 1892 to 1952

In April 1892, an advertisement for the hotel was placed. 

Later this month, renewal of license was granted to E J Stone. It is believed the hotel was sold from L Drouyn to W H Robertson. In May 1892, a transfer of license was granted from E J Stone to William Robertson.

William Robertson held license from May 1892 to Sept 1894

In July 1892, an advertisement for tenders wanted for erection of brick kitchen. Then in September 1894, an application was submitted to transfer license from W H Robertson, to Percy E Hubbard. The application was granted.

Percy E Hubbard held license from Sept 1894 to Oct 1895

In October 1894, P E Hubbard wrote asking for permission to erect a pavilion on the reserve opposite to his billiard saloon, which would be connected with the hotel by an electric bell, so that he could supply visitors with refreshments carried from the hotel. No record found if this was approved.

Throughout October 1894 to 1895 the Osbourne Hotel was a meeting place for various clubs and committees in Sandgate, such as: the newly formed Sandgate Literary and Debating Society, a public meeting to form a progress committee to protest against the threatened closure of Sandgate Pier, and a meeting of the patrons and friends of the Sandgate Town Band. In this time, chess tournaments took place in the large room, as well as billiard tournaments.

From October 1895 to July 1954, the license changed 20 times, while the hotel was still owned by W H Robertson. Throughout this time various meetings still took place, such as: an Athletic Sports Meeting in Feb 1896, and Sandgate Jubilee Celebration Committee in Apr 1897, Sandgate Jockey Club in Nov 1905, as well as draughts matches in Oct 1899.

In August 1899, the license was transferred to Archibald H Robertson, the son of William H Robertson, owner of the hotel.

However in April 1901, William advertised for tenders for the lease, license and goodwill of the Osbourne Hotel Sandgate.

Licensees also held booth’s at the Sandgate New Year’s Day Regatta in Dec 1895 and Sandgate J C Races in May 1910. In 1899, licensee David Alexander Thomson, applied for a permit to have music and dancing, which was granted.

In April 1907, ‘A Sandgate Case’ took place. When Hannah O’Loughlin applied for a license renewal, it was found a man named Frawley was really in charge, the licensee (Hannah) was his sister-in-law.

An advertisement for a skating rink located at the Osbourne Hotel was placed in Feb to March 1914. A V Morant, who held the license from Aug 1917 to Mar 1919, also placed an advertisement in Jul 1918 for the opening of a new billiards table at the Osbourne Hotel.

1919, Osbourne Hotel on the horizon to the right of the image.

In February 1922, William Hill Robertson died, leaving the hotel in control of the trustees on behalf of his 5 children.

Big news in Dec 1935 as the ‘Balcony torn off. Hotel damaged at Sandgate. Strong wind accompanies storm’.

During the license of Morgan Rees, tenders are called for painting outside of the Osbourne Hotel in Feb 1936, licensing commission approved plans for a new sanitary system applied for by the Estate of W H Robertson (deceased) in Mar 1936, and in Jun 1938, an advertisement was published looking for prices for alterations to bar. In June 1949,  tenders were received for the painting external of the Osbourne Hotel.

In August 1952, two Brisbane freehold hotels were to be auctioned. Brunswick Hotel and Osbourne Hotel Sandgate. The Osbourne Hotel was offered subject to the lease, which expired on July 1, 1954.

Auction took place, however the Osbourne Hotel did not sell.

Roberts Family - 1953 to 1993

In 1953, Rolly & Dorothy Roberts purchased the hotel. During this time they added the beer garden and Bottleshop in the 1980s.

Article from May 1986 – ‘More renovations for hotel’. Roberts family bought the adjacent black of land 5 years ago, and 2 years later built the Sandgate Liquor Barn there. New licensees, Glen and Lana Dwyer, took over management in Feb.

Glen & Lana Dwyer held license from February 1986 to 1987

 Graham Stanley held license from 1987 to 1993

‘Took him 2 years to transform into a family style hotel from the rough style pub it was’.

In 1993 the Roberts family sold the hotel.

Cross & Veivers Families - 1994 to 2001

In 1994 Martin Cross & Greg Veivers took over ownership of the Osbourne Hotel.

During renovations in 1995, they uncover a gambling den upstairs.

Below article from February 1999 states the hotel is now known as the Full Moon Hotel will be run by manager Paul McEnroe.

Following renovations, the hotel received the award for Best Redeveloped Hotel/Tavern.

Strauch Family - 2001 to 2007

In August 2001, the Full Moon Hotel changed hands for an undisclosed sum less than 3 years after a multi-million refit. Sold to Darrin Strauch and Leon McNeice. 

Drinx Group - 2007 to 2015

Article from October 2007 states the hotel is now owned by Drinx (now know as Lewis Leisure), with manager Brett Brines.

In 2015, 3 hotels owned by the Drinx group are listed for sale.  The Full Moon Hotel sells to the Dowling Group who take over in November 2015.

Dowling Family - Nov 2015 to Present

The hotel has seen an evolution over the last 150 years with the hotel accommodation replaced by al fresco dining and all the amenities the hotel offers today.

The Hotel has been an integral part of the Shorncliffe / Sandgate community as a continuously operating licensed venue for 150 years. Pubs are a place of meetings and gatherings with loved ones and fun times — just think of all the happy moments that have taken place within these walls over the last 150 years, not to mention the changes from era to era, from the late 1800’s to today.

With the numerous renovations over the last 150 years, the original building remains. Recent renovations uncovered an original brick wall with hand painted lettering of ‘Osbourne House Hotel’ dating back to the late 1800’s. This has been exposed and is visible today, signifying the hotel’s historic past.

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